The project

KaleidoFoundry is a java technical foundation, that makes configuration, caching, i18n, messaging, mailing easy to use, extensible, scalable. By using kaleido, focus your development effort on the business. Start simple, and when you will need a more complex architecture like a clustered environment, a robust caching provider solution, a messaging system… kaleido will fit without changing your java code. The main modules are:

  • Configuration service management, dynamic and centralized (across cluster or local), manageable using REST API,
  • File storage abstraction API (file / classpath / gae / http / ftp / webapp / clob / ssh, memory…),
  • Caching integration and abstraction (ehcache, infinispan, gae, coherence, local mao, …) ,
  • I18n service management for labels & exception messages (resource bundle API extension),
  • Naming service for local or remote jndi access (datasource / jms queue / ejb…),
  • Messaging (asynchronous) client (jms, active mq, websphere mq, tibco rdv / ems…),
  • Mail sender service (async or not, local or centralized)…

Kaleido’s components are based on a runtime @Context injection mechanism. You’ll benefit a dynamic and centralized configuration management in your modules (across clusters, modules…). It fits with your favorite IOC like Java CDI, Spring framework, Guice, or can be used standalone with aspectJ…

The project is based on jdk 6 and java EE 5 & 6 APIs. It is open source and released under Apache Licence version 2.0.

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